Mixed Martial Arts Classes In Cocoa and Rockledge

Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes Include Striking, Takedowns, Transitions, And More!

There's no better way to develop a well-rounded self-defense strategy than with our Mixed Martial Arts training here at Florida Combat Academy in Cocoa and Rockledge. We're offering men and women of all experience levels the chance to learn everything from striking and takedowns to ground grappling and submission strategies.

PLUS, we offer weekly sparring sessions AND open mat hours.

Our MMA classes are designed to help you build your skills one step at a time before putting them together into a comprehensive self-defense system that is perfect for the real world or the cage!

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Why Is Our Mixed Martial Arts Training Right For You?

We are committed to offering a comprehensive approach to self-defense and our Mixed Martial Arts program is no different. We rotate skill-specific classes that help you focus on one aspect of the sport at a time.

And once you're ready, you can put it all together in our Friday night sparring sessions or weeknight open mat hours.

Join us at Florida Combat Academy today for:

Striking: We're focused in this class on the techniques of effective and efficient striking with every limb of your body. This class covers stand-up striking and ground-based skills.

Takedowns: Don't waste a second try to wrangle your opponent to the ground. We're helping you build the timing and technique that you need to take an opponent down and transition without skipping a beat. 

Grappling: Ground-based grappling skills are essential to any real world or competition style self-defense strategy. We're helping you learn how to maintain leverage over an opponent and use momentum to your advantage. 

All Of Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes Can Help You See Real Results

We're here to help you learn new skills and challenge your body at the same time. That's why our Mixed Martial Arts program incorporates high-intensity exercises that can keep you guessing and help you walk away feeling stronger and fitter than ever before.

Our MMA program at Florida Combat Academy in Cocoa and Rockledge is the perfect way for you to stay motivated and enjoy sustainable success in no time. 

We're helping people of all experience levels:

  • Develop lean, functional strength
  • Improve your speed and agility
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Build unwavering self-confidence in no time

Take On The Best MMA Classes Across Cocoa, Rockledge, & Viera!

We're helping you learn the ins and outs of Mixed Martial Arts and challenge your body every step of the way. Join us at Florida Combat Academy and rely on professional coaching and a dynamic training program to make your goals a reality.

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