Cardio Combat: Lose Weight and Build Muscle With The Best Workout In Cocoa And Rockledge

Don't Get Boxed Into A Boring Workout!

Are you short on time and need a workout regimen that can produce big results? Our new Cardio Combat program may be perfect for you! With our Cardio Combat classes at Florida Combat Academy, you're getting one of the healthiest, most sustainable, and most fun total-body workouts in Cocoa and Rockledge! Weight loss doesn't have to be slow and difficult, and neither does building muscle. Torch calories and get your head in the game with our incredible MMA fitness coach, Calen Holcomb!

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Kick Your Workout Into High Gear

Our veteran instructors are here to help you reach your fitness goals in a fun, effective, and supportive environment. Whether you're here to lose weight or build muscle, we have the tools you need to find success. Our Cardio Combat program is a unique system that will give you more bang for your buck than any other workout routine in Cocoa and Rockledge, where you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a single hour, so come check us out at Florida Combat Academy so we can get you on the path to:

  • Trim down and build lean muscle
  • Feel better in your own skin
  • Develop a workout routine that pulls its weight
  • Grapple with every challenge life has to offer

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We're open to all experience levels, all ages, and we're always happy to help you meet your fitness goals! Come check us out at Florida Combat Academy in Cocoa and Rockledge to discover how we can take your workout experience to the next level.

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