Why It Is Essential For Everyone To Know Self-Defense

Why It Is Essential For Everyone To Know Self-Defense

Either it is children or adults knowing how to defend oneself is important and one of the essential skills to know. Even if you are such a person who spends their life peacefully and in a friendly manner you never know when you would need such a skill. Thus, it is best to be prepared. This is especially important for children and adults as bullying is a serious issue. 

Self-defense is a skill that one cannot learn on their own. This is what martial arts is for. It offers a deep understanding of how you should act and react in a moment like this. Then teaches you with moves and you would need to handle the situation. Makes your body such a weapon which you can always carry with you and keep it ready at all times. Discipline, fitness, friendship, perseverance, patience, and respect are some of the other benefits that you can reap from it. So, if you don't already have the martial art apparel and gear you need, then get it from Elite Sports, get registered in a school and start your journey. 


Self defense is often overlooked and counted as an unimportant thing to learn. But in today’s society we cannot overlook it. Other benefits like physical and mental health, calm mind, and the values and principles it teaches like dedication, hard work, consistency etc. are more than enough to learn it. These things will benefit you in real life. So let us have a look at why you should learn it.


It helps you fight bullying

Bullying is a nightmare, none of us want to go through. It is happening everywhere, not just in schools but at work places too. Not just the children but adults, especially adult women, need this to learn how to protect themselves. Regardless of the strict rules and regulations against it, bullies still exist. 


This is not just it, practicing martial arts will develop great discipline, respect, and confidence which helps build a strong character. As a personal choice, I would suggest MMA for adults and BJJ for children. BJJ is a non-violent way to control the opponent and situation without hitting someone. Get MMA gear for your self and BJJ gear for your kids. Explore the site more to get any other martial art gear and GIs if you need. 


It teaches how to control, evade, and defuse the situation

Martial arts is not just about hitting and making the opponent unconscious. But it teaches you how to get out of dangerous situations. Sometimes hitting or controlling is not the best approach to get out of a situation. This is where you find a way out as you are trying to break free and get away from danger using the skills from martial arts. 


Once you have a better knowledge of martial arts you will know your course of action in such situations. Then you will know that there are many options and it will also help you decide which one is better depending on the current situation you have at hand. Remember this, as a martial artist, it is taught to avoid, evade, and defuse the situation. Fight only when there is no other option. 


It keeps your head in the right place

There are many situations in our daily life where we have to deal with people, rage, and issues. But while doing so if one cannot keep their head in the right place, things can get out of hand and the situation can get worse. The first approach is to avoid such situations, but if you get into martial arts training will also help you to keep yourself calm throughout the situation. This is keeping your emotions under control to avoid getting into trouble and fight. The best way to protect yourself from any physical confrontation is to avoid getting into such a situation. Hence, martial arts training teaches you how to do that. 


It teaches where and how to use self-defense

Sometimes no matter how hard you try or keep yourself out of it, things just end up where you need to get in physical contact. This is when you have to use the fighting and defense skills learned from martial arts to bring to action. As a martial artist you would never fight someone without worrying about the consequences of what you are about to do. We always keep gauge to see if that is even necessary. Knowing when you should fight is the first thing taught in martial arts. Because it was not a demand of the situation you would become the bad guy.


It makes our body everything we need


Martial arts helps us transform our body into everything we need. Either it is regarding self-defense or us as a person in regular life. Most of us do not carry any weapon or tool with ourselves at all times to protect. So all that we have is our body and mind. Martial arts training makes our body a tool to defend and attack in order to protect. Again, the first approach is to defuse the situation quickly and easily. But you have everything you need if things get out of control. 


In daily life off the mats and rings, martial arts teaches the skills we need to prosper. For instance, confidence, respect, persistence, perseverance, hope and many more. These help us be a better and strong functioning part towards a better society. 

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