How Can BJJ Help Improve Your Kids’ Health, Confidence, and Self-Defense

How Can BJJ Help Improve Your Kids’ Health, Confidence, and Self-Defense

Hello Brevard Parents!

Are you and your family new to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or are you looking to put your child into classes? Take a minute to let us share with you this article presented to you by Elite Sports (A highly functional, high-quality Martial Arts training gear manufacturing company.) In their s article, “How Can BJJ Help to Improve your kids’ health, confidence, and Self-Defense”. Their entry emphasizes the INCREDIBLE IMPACT Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has on kids’ all around. It breaks down the changes you will notice; better grades, higher self-esteem and a better attitude towards themselves and authority. It discusses character building and life skills for kids through Martial Arts! Elite Sports has a VERY STRONG ANTI-BULLY MESSAGE that FCA supports, encouraging kids to ONLY use their skills to ensure their personal safety and self-protection. This is a short read, but very inspiring and eye opening. Glance at this and get a direct window into what this sport can do for your child. Does your child need a new gi to start bjj classes? For GREAT recommendations for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training uniforms, gear, apparel, & more please visit!

Martial arts for kids have always been viewed as character-building and healthy activities. While other martial arts that kids are learning like karate are striking based. Conversely BJJ is grappling focus martial arts. Going for this martial art form your kids will stay away from violence and hitting. Being a parent if you would like to keep them away from such a thing then BJJ is what your kids should be learning. But if you want them to learn other martial art forms, it is completely fine and your choice to make. Before you start with how BJJ helps improve your child you can buy them kids BJJ GI from Elite Sports.

Overcoming difficulty and improving self-confidence Jiu-jitsu is a touch of martial art. Like any other, it requires patience, consistency, and dedication. With each difficulty, the child overcomes while training and on the mats. it teaches them to overcome and solve problems in real life. This also greatly improves their self-confidence level. each challenge they overcome more the confidence level raises. This helps children achieve and aim for a great thing in life. More and more they will know that there with patience and perseverance almost anything could be achieved.

Provides an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset These days children like to sit all day in front of computers, laptops, phones, and TV screens. This sedentary routine is direct and loud welcome to obesity and many other health problems. Of course, no parent would want that for their children. Then what are you waiting for, BJJ is an activity that helps them stay away from such health problems, teaches self-defense, along with other benefits. These things that BJJ will teach your child will benefit and help them not just in childhood but throughout their life. The second thing is mental growth and empowerment. Just like physical fitness and power is built and gained, the brain also needs some way to become and stay healthy. Let me tell you that BJJ training for children excels in this particular field too. For instance, it teaches respect, cooperation, a positive mindset, being helpful, constructive, and most importantly dignity. It is just a matter of time your child will grow up to become a better person and the best version of themselves.

Healthy social interactions:
Social interaction and having friends are the healthy recommended way to spend your life. You are right and should be teaching them good social skills but children spend more than half of the day away from you. During that time, they can pick up and adopt any bad influence. But with BJJ training teaching them these skills and providing a space to practice and learn them make it part of their life. Also, when living in a gathering of a positive group of kids practicing the same it becomes easier and quicker to adopt. A group that rejects bullying, aggression, destructive behavior, and anything like it and promotes positiveness will help and support your child every day to be the best version of themselves.

Coordination and Body Awareness:
BJJ greatly improves body and mind coordination keeping them active. All the small details that your child will spend time learning during the training is to help with these goals. BJJ training also improves body fine and gross motor skills. Thus, not just learning to coordinate but the importance of coordination between body and mind is also taught. This is helpful in daily life like doing different tasks, playing sports, etc.

Self-development and discipline:
No other workout, activity, or sports teach children hard work as Jiu-Jitsu does. Pushing their limits and let them explore new horizons that they felt were unachievable before. They will have something new to learn almost every day. This helps with self-development and grooming. Letting them know their potential and advantage of working hard. Accept it or not BJJ does improve discipline in children’s lives. I used to think otherwise too until I saw it with my own eyes as my nephew started behaving like a little man. Doing homework on time, going to bed on time, wanting to attend the BJJ class, and even helping around with the chores was unbelievable. This discipline and change in behavior groom their personality and helps in positive growth that stays with them in life. And this is exactly how they become good people.

But it is not just children that can benefit from BJJ, adults and even older people get to have the same mental and physical health benefits. Don’t believe me? So, how about you get yourself a BJJ GI and start going to training with your child. This way you can support your children too.

Learning self-defense:
Throughout life either you are a child or an adult there are times when you have to step up for yourself. don’t be afraid of doing so because it is the right thing to do. You are as guilty and to blame as the bully, if you don’t take a step against bullying. Besides, learning self-defense is not going to harm you anyway. On top of everything BJJ is a grappling focused martial art and not striking focused. So, you don’t even have to worry about kids. This is a great bully deterrent technique.

Improves problem-solving skills:
Jiu-jitsu is a complex martial art form having different techniques. First of all, this does not mean one cannot learn or excel at them. Learning to attack, defense, and counter engages your mind and compels you to come up with a solution. So, the mind learns how to come up with a solution, remaining on the positive side of the line, in real-life situations too.

Through both the technique and rolling aspects of the class, your child will learn to think under pressure, solve problems with their brain instead of their brain, and find the most efficient path through any situation.

To explore other amazing benefits of BJJ in life, not just your child’s but yours too, find a good school and start training. See you on the mats.

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