Reasons Why MMA is the Martial Art You should be learning!

Reasons Why MMA is the Martial Art You should be learning!


Here’s a helpful resource to help educate yourself about Mixed Martial Arts, we thank you for your interest in Florida Combat Academy! We recommend that you check out this brief blog entry by Elite Sports (A highly functional, high-quality Martial Arts training gear manufacturing company.) In their blog edition, “Reasons Why MMA is the Martial Art You Should Be Learning!”, highlights the benefits of training on a personal development level, as well as physical fitness and wellness.

Elite Sports champions learning Combat Sports as a means for positive transformation, and FCA supports their mission and philosophy. This is a FAST and FUN article, very quick and easy read! Get some food for thought to help you plan your goals for Martial Arts. In order to train, YOU GOTTA HAVE GEAR! As previously stated, Elite Sports is THE LEADER in the industry! ALL products are designed for comfort and built to last as their products are made from high grade materials! For GREAT recommendations for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training gear, apparel, & more please visit!

MMA is short for mixed martial arts and the term explains itself. Well, it is a mix of different martial arts, taking the best moves. Meaning it excels in standing and ground-based fighting. The freedom you have to perform whatever move of other martial arts here is one of the reasons why it is great. It is one of the most realistic and effective self-defense and full-body workout. thus, you will be learning how to defend yourself, lose weight, get in the best of shape, and get many other benefits. Put your MMA shorts and rash guards on because the journey is about to begin.

It’s effective:
MMA is made for self-defense and the top martial art for this purpose. It is my first choice when it comes to learning self -defense. Not just that it gives you an intense full-body workout. thus MMA is effective when it comes to fitness and self-defense. But that is not just it, other things like discipline, knowledge, etc. it is again on top.

Great self-defense system:
MMA and self-defense are like made for each other. but before getting good at it and taking bullies or muggers you have to train and get ready for it. one thing that you might not like is MMA does not train you for armed and long-distance fights like where someone has a gun pointed at you from a distance. Everything else, you will handle that easy-peasy. The chances that you will spend all your life without getting into a fight are very rare. Plus, MMA has the advantage of teaching you everything you need to know for self-defense.

An outstanding workout:
Next up is a workout. if you don’t want to join MMA for self-defense then you may join it for health and fitness. Because of the intense workouts, MMA is great for fitness. When you have to train different martial art styles like Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, etc. the intensity of training increases above any weight lifting session. Then you will train to make and keep the body strong. This is about everything the body needs to stay and get in the best shape. However, you won’t get buff and get huge muscles because they become a hindrance to speed.

Strength and conditioning workout:
Talking about workouts MMA is the best strength and conditioning workout you can have. The training is to make you excel and be the best fighter you can be. This is possible with a high level of strength and conditioning. But that is not just it, MMA also improves your flexibility, balance, endurance, strength, and body coordination.

It is for everyone:
MMA is for everyone. Young, teens, elders, males, females and just everyone who wants to learn it. if you are afraid of sparring and matches then MMA alternative workout routines are best for you. There you won’t be hitting anyone but the workouts and intensity will be the same.

Great stress relieving method:
Body exertion relieves stress, so sports and exercise are good ways to do so. But they are not the only ways. MMA is better than these two mentioned above, to relieve you from stress. Here is how and why. Body exertion helps release happy hormones in the body which helps you forget the stress. For one MMA training is more intense than a weight lifting or cardio session. Second, when you hit something it helps you get the anger away and out. Just exercising is not enough sometimes so this helps more. Thus, MMA is a great stress-relieving technique.

Wrapping up:
MMA is beneficial for more ways than mentioned here. If you want to get the fruits just start the training and try it for once. You can always go back to the old routine if you like and there is nothing wrong about it. but we doubt it because MMA grows on you as a great TV show does.

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