Cocoa and Rockledge Wrestling Seminars

Learn The Best Ground-Based Submission Strategies In Our Wrestling Clinics

At Florida Combat Academy in Cocoa and Rockledge, we are proud to host periodic Wrestling Clinics that focus solely on the mechanics of the sport to help you master the strategies of the takedown, ground game, and submission. 

These seminars are great for people of all experience levels. We'll help you build strength, become more efficient in every movement, and understand every aspect of wrestling strategy. 

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What Can You Expect In Our Wrestling Seminars?

We host these events as a way to focus solely on the skills of sport-style wrestling. The techniques carry over across multiple disciplines, but our goal in these seminars is to offer professional instruction and help you build your Wrestling skills in a relaxed environment.

Our staff at Florida Combat Academy is full of some of the most accomplished coaches in town. We're committed to helping you get the very most out your body and build confidence in your ability to generate leverage over an opponent from any position.

Our Wrestling Clinics are offering everyone here in Cocoa, Rockledge, & Viera:

  • Takedowns and transitions to ground grappling
  • Defensive maneuvers to help you regain control from any position
  • Proven entries and setups for any opponent
  • Pressure tactics and ground-based mechanics
  • Powerful submission skills to help you come out on top  

Join Us For The Best Wrestling Clinics In Cocoa, Rockledge, & Viera!

If you're hoping to build your Wrestling skills and prepare for any competition setting, we have the answer for you here at Florida Combat Academy of Cocoa, Rockledge, & Viera. Our Wrestling Clinics are designed to help men and women of all experience levels learn the ins and outs of this sport and walk away with more confidence in their abilities than ever before. 

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