Women's Self-Defense Seminars

Learn How To Stay Safe In Any Situation With Our Women's Self-Defense Seminars

There's nothing worse than fearing for your safety throughout your everyday life. We're here to make sure that never happens again. 

Our Women's Self-Defense seminars are designed to help women all across our community learn how to defend against any real-world threat and face life with more confidence than ever before. 

This program is great for women of all ages and fitness levels. No prior self-defense experience is required.

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Our Women's Self-Defense Seminars Offer So Much More Than Just Peace Of Mind

The truth is, women do face unique threats in their daily lives. But our team is committed to helping you stay prepared.

Our Women's Self-Defense seminars offer a welcoming environment where you can train alongside new friends from all across Cocoa, Rockledge, & Viera. We'll teach the basics of striking and self-protection and also help you identify a threat before it's too late.

At Florida Combat Academy of Cocoa, Rockledge, & Viera, you can learn from some of the best self-defense instructors around and walk away feeling confident in your ability to stay safe in the face of danger.

These seminars can help you:

  • Improve your situational awareness
  • React to a threat without wasting a second
  • Land efficient and effective strikes on an attacker
  • Create distance and escape the situation before it's too late

Learn More About The Best Women's Self-Defense Seminars In Cocoa, Rockledge, & Viera!

Don't wait until it's too late. We're helping you stay prepared for any threat and act with precision when danger does cross your path. Our Women's Self-Defense seminars are perfect for women of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

Please look at the calendar below to see the seminar schedule. If you wish to reserve a spot in a seminar please fill out the contact form on this page and indicate the date you wish to attend, and how many spots you need to reserve. Someone will contact you shortly with pre-seminar information and a payment link for you to reserve your spot!


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